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a car travels 59.78 miles east in 89.67 minutes, then 89.67 miles north in 59.78 minutes, and then 29.89 miles at 59.78 degrees west of south in 149.45 minutes. whats the magnitude of the car's average velocity in miles per hour???

Please help!!!!!!

P.S. please don't round your numbers till the final answer, so there are no rounding errors, and please round the final number to 4 significant figures.

Do you need the degrees to solve this problem?? Alos please, if you are so kind explain step by step as to how to solve this problem.

thank you

  • Physics -

    The best way to solve this type of problems is by a table of component vectors.
    Let x- and y-axes represent east and north respectively.
    Resolve each segment of the trip into the x- and y-components.
    Add up vectorially the components, which is the resultant displacement.
    If the displacement is (x,y), the magnitude is √(x²+y²).
    Work in hours, i.e. minutes should be divide by 60.

    Distance x-component y-component
    59.78 59.78*cos(0) 59.78*sin(0)
    89.67 89.67*cos(90) 89.67*sin(90)
    29.89 29.89*cos(270-59.78) 29.89*sin(270-59.78)
    sum x y

    Find (x,y), and the magnitude of displacment is √(x²+y²)
    Divide the magnitude of displacement by the time (in hours) will give you the average velocity in miles per hour.

    Post your answer for verification if necessary.

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    i got 16.46 mi/hr. is that right??

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