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Explain why this is false.

The most striking change in the U.S. government has been the decrease in the scope of its activities.

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    Think about the powers the federal government has assumed in the last 125 years or so.

    Slaves were freed
    All men were able to vote
    Women got the vote
    Social Security
    Civil Rights Act
    Aid to poor families

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    Income tax
    federal highways

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    Thanks for the reply...can you help me with this one?

    Take the four ideas behind ELITISM/ELISTIST government – Marx; Weber; Mills; and pluralism. All four have relevance to American government and politics today. For EACH of the four, define/describe it and then explain an issue or situation that is happening currently that backs up this theory. For each example, you should be able to use something out of the Bush administration since 9/11, with the War in Iraq being especially good ground to cover.

    Just give me some brief points please!

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