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make a story with the following words;michel,jeune garcon,aimer beaucoup voyager,rencontrer un amie,partir un voyage ensemble,visiter beaucoup de villes,une ville bizarre,tout est grand,aller voir leur roi visiter un tres grand chateau,passer un an,revenir chez eux

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    You could make simple sentences linking the required keywords. We will be glad to review what you have done.

  • french -

    please link these words and make a story

  • french -

    ... "We will be glad to review what you have done."

  • french -

    Note: you are free to conjugate the verbs in order to make sentences that are gramatically correct.

    I will give you a kickstart:
    "Michel est un jeune garçon qui ...."

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    Let us explain one more time. The very nomenclature of this site "Jiskha Homework HELP" explains that we HELP, but you must DO something first. Either we can suggest where you look or help edit/correct what you have done.

    It is important for this exercise to write a decent French sentence. Begin with simple sentences until you have fulfilled the requirements. No, do NOT stop there! Take 2 simple sentences and combine them into a compound/complex sentence. This will be more sophisticated and earn a better evaluation.

    If you have difficulties in making the necessary accent-marks on the computer, we need to know 2 things.
    1. do you have a PC or a MAC
    2. do you have Windows or not.

    Sra (aka M me)

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