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A manatee swimming 3 feet below the water surface, ascends 2 feet, descends another 5 feet then ascends another 2 feet. Write an expression to find his position relative to the water surface. Then find His position

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    please help me with this

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    -3 + 2 - 5 + 2 = ?

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    The expression is a step function, which has discontinuities between ascents and descents.
    Let the number of movements (ascents or descents) be i, and
    h(i) = position relative to the surface after the ith movement.

    h(0)=-3 (3 feet below surface)
    h(1)=-1 (=-3+2)
    h(2)=-6 (=-1-5)

    h(i) = -(i/2)*3 -3 for 2|i (i divisible by 2), and
    h(i) = -(i+1)/2*3 +2
    = -(3i-1)/2 for 2|(i+1) (i not divisible by 2)

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    Ms Sue, you're right. An expression can be all numeric!

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