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Can someone please check if my answers are correct?

17. An important economic activity in the Caribbean islands today is
a. coffee growing
b. iron mining
c. maufacturing
d. tourism
A but I think D might be an option as well

24. Widespread unexmployment in the Caribbean islands has forced many islanders to
a. seek work in rural areas
b. migrate to other countries
c. develop their own businesses
d. work in the sugar industries

16. A basic difference between the democratic republic of Mexico and that of the US is that in Mexico
a. two political parties dominate the nation
b. the president and congress are appointed
c. the president is elected, but the congress is appointed
d. one political party has held power continuously
I'm not sure about this one...C?


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    17. I think D is the best answer.

    24. Correct

    16. C. is definitely wrong. The choice is between a. and d., depending upon when your text and questions were written. Check this site.

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    You're welcome, MC.


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    What's with all the



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    The ______________ or ////////
    is to separate my answer from the ads just below. <g>

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    =P Alright


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    I goofed! The only answer must be D. -- from a text that was written several years ago. Today, both the U.S. and Mexico have strong two-party systems.

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    Alright, thank you!


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