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No online translators please, they are most often incorrect.

Dear Madame Genn,

I hope you are having a wonderful evening. This comic really is quite funny and well made!

Thank you for this extra credit oppertunity,

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    We'll be glad to help you get your extra credit, WHEN you show us YOUR attempt at this translation.

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    well the problem is, im not in french. my english teacher is froom france and she said that if we send a french ecard with the sentence correctly written, it will be extra credit.

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    I hope you are having a wonderful evening. This comic really is quite funny and well made.

    First of all - "a well made comic?" It cannot then be a person, but must be a comic strip. With "I hope" usually it's the Present Indicative, but, depending upon the thoughts of the speaker, it could be the Subjunctive.

    J'espère que vous passez une soir formidable. Cette bande (dessinée) est vraiment tout à fait (plutôt) amusante (lots of words for funny = comique, drôle, humoristique) et bien faite.

    One cannot help but wonder why an extra-credit item, in an English class, would not be specifically English?


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    thursday september 3, 2009

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