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6th Grade Civil War History

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These are all true or false questions:

The Civil War Greatly increased the power of the Federal Government.
I think that is false but I'm not sure . . .

As a result of the war, the South's economy boomed, while the economy of the North slumped.
I'm pretty sure that is false.

The war ushered the use of ironclad ships, which were superior to the wooden ships of the past.
That would be true, I think.

The Thirteen Amendment abolished slavery in all states in the western territory.
Now this one really puzzles me, because I thought slavery was abolished in all the states, not just western territory. Would you say this is true or false?

Thanks for all the help, it would be nice if you could say if you think they are true or false and then possibly explain, it so I know your not going to give me the wrong answer . . .

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