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1. Hangeul, the Korean alphabet was invented by King Sejong with the help of his scholars. It is one of the best writing systems in the world.

2. Taekwondo is a Korean martical art, which was started in Korea. Nowadays many people all around world are interested in learning taekwondo.

3. Gynseng is regarded a kind of medicine herb. In our country , gynseng is called Insam, which looks like a human being. It is very good for health, but it is exprnsive.

4. Kimch is a traditional Korean vegetable dish. Many people like eating kimchi. If we Koreans have kimchi with a bowl of rice, we can enjoy eating. Kimchi is hot and spicy, but it is very delicious.

5. Bulgogi is a Korean traditional beef dish. Many people in our country like eating bulgogi. There are a lot of restaurants, so people can enjoy eating bulgogi

(Would you check the passages and correct errors, please?)

  • English -

    1. Hangeul, the Korean alphabet, was....

    2. Correct

    3. ...medicinal herb.... (adjective)
    expensive (sp)

    3. Kimchi is a (sp)

    4. bulgogi. (period)

    I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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