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The natural numbers are closed under division. true or false?

the integers are closed under division.
true or false?

please explain, my teacher did not explain it at all!

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    I quote from MathForum:
    "A set of elements is closed under an operation if, when you apply the
    operation to elements of the set, you always get another element of
    the set."
    Natural numbers are a set of integers including zero. Thus 0,4,10 are natural numbers, while 0.5, 3.14 are not.
    If by doing a division, the results cannot be represented by a member of the set (of natural numbers), we say that natural numbers are not closed under division. Natural numbers are closed under addition because when we add together two natural numbers, we always get another natural numbers.

    So work on the answer to your queation, post your answer if you have doubts.

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    I hate math people that did not take it good luck

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    Natural numbers are all whole numbers EXCLUDING 0

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