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what is a current event in 5th grade.what do i do ,and how do i start it.

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    Check out the news stories on this page.

    I recommend you read the articles about the forest fires near Los Angeles and about Senator Kennedy's funeral.

    After you've read these articles, decide on one. Then take some notes about the most important parts of the story. After you've read and taken notes, then you can write your current events report.

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    i'am i just writing a report on it and using pictures also.

    Thank You!

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    A current event is anything that is happening currently (in this time period). It can be local, state, national or international. For example, the recent death of Sen. Kennedy would be a national event. The opening of the new school year could be a current event at all levels.

    What level do they want you to cover? Find a significant happening at that level and discuss what happened, why it happened and how it has been or might be resolved.

    I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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