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Solve the equation on the interval [0,2pi).

  • MEGAN !! Pre Calc -

    Megan, look at how your post came out.

    what is *2/2 supposed to be?

    I have a feeling you mean √2/2

    If so, then

    since the cosine is positive in quadrants I and IV

    2x = 45º or 2x = 315º
    then x = 22.5º or x = 157.5º

    but we know that the period of cos(2x) is 180º, so by adding 180 to each of our answers we get the other solutions in the given domain, or
    x = 202.5º
    x = 337.5º

    just noticed that you probably wanted the solutions in radians, that would be
    pi/8, 7pi/8, 9pi/8, and 15pi/8

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