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What can we do to save seashores and the sea? People polluted the seashores and the sea, so sea animals don't live in the sea. What can we do?

1. We can pick up trash on seashores.
2. We can pick up garbage from the sea.
3. We should not throw waste oil into the sea.
4. We should not throw away fishing gears and nets into the sea.
5. We should not throw away an antifreezing solution into the sea.

Do you know some more thing we can do to clean the sheshore and the sea? Would you write them down?

(Would you check the expressions and write some more things we can do to clean the sea and seashore?)

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    1- wear waterproof sun screen, cause it is bad for the ocean.
    2-use firendly enviroment safe clean prodcts on boats.
    3-Be careful of what prodcts you buy at home cause that all will eventaully go back into the ocean.
    4-Do not buy coral, cause it is taken from the ocean
    5-do not walk in the dunes on the sea it is a barrier so it does not case erosion.
    6- Try and avoid cruise lines, because the put oil and gases in to the ocean.
    7-car pollution the smoke from the exhast goes into the air which cause acid rain and when it mixes with rain it ends up in the water killing many of the spieces.

    Hope this helps let me know if yo need more

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    Confused has some good suggestions. Be aware, though, that he/she is using "cause" when the word is "because." There are also comma errors.

    In #6, it should read "Try to avoid..."

    Also watch spelling -- such as "species."

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