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1. There is a codfish on the top left side.

2. There is a codfish on the top left.

3. There is a codfish at the top left side.

4. There is a codfish at the top left side.

5. There is a codfish at the left top.

6.There is a codfish at the left top side.

(Are they all grammatical? Do I have to use 'at' or 'in'?)

7. There is a jellyfish in the top middle.

8. There is a jellyfish on the top middle.

9. There is a jellyfish at the top middle.

10. There is a jellyfish at the middle top.

11. There is a jellyfish on the middle top.

12. There is a jellyfish in the middle top.

(Which expressions do I have to use? which ones are correct?)

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    The prepositions "in" and "on" are better in these sentences. However, you'd be perfectly understood if you used "at."

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