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i need help with theses please<< Magna Carta , Mayflower Compact, Articles of Confederation,Northwest Ordinance,
Declaration of Independence.<< Summarize what this is… Why they are Notable...

these go to the following.. Summarize who this person is and why he is notable. What philosophies influenced him?
Thomas Hobbes
John Locke
Selected Signers
Benjamin Franklin
Alexander Hamilton
John Langdon
Rufus King
Roger Sherman
William Livingston
David Brearley
Thomas Mifflin
Robert Morris
George Clymer
Hugh Williamson
Charles Pinckney
Charles Cotesworth Pinckney
John Rutledge
James Wilson
John Dickinson
Gouverneur Morris

I cant find any in my readings and I am having a hard time finding the info online

  • HIS -

    Dawn -- aren't these explained in your text materials?

  • HIS -

    i cant find them in there.. that is why I am asking here

  • HIS -

    You can look each of them up in this encyclopedia:

    You'll find their brief identification in the first two paragraphs.

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