alcoholic beverages

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1. If wine that’s stored in barrels after fermentation is exposed to
too much air, this could turn the wine into
A. yeast. C. water.
B. sugar. D. vinegar.
2. When serving wines, it’s best to use a
A. large-stemmed glass filled a little more than halfway.
B. small tumbler filled a little more than halfway.
C. small-footed glass filled to the brim.
D. large mug filled to the brim.
3. When opening a bottle of champagne, you should always
untwist the wire hook, remove the wire and foil, and then
A. push the cork slowly upward.
B. grip the cork firmly while holding the bottle at a 45-degree
C. twist the cork slowly and loosen the cork.
D. use a corkscrew to remove the cork.
4. What kind of wines is Portugal most famous for?
A. Riesling C. Port
B. Bordeaux D. Brut
5. If you’re looking for a light, versatile, red wine to serve with a simple pasta with basil and
tomatoes, a good choice would be
A. Pinot Grigio. C. Chianti.
B. Cabernet Savignon. D. Savignon Blanc.
6. Which of the following were the first people to make wine?
A. Egyptians C. Mesopotamians
B. Pilgrims D. Monks
7. Sapana and Jim are discussing American beer. Sapana says that most American beers
are of the bock beer type. Jim disagrees and says that most American beers are of the
lager type.Who is correct?
A. Sapana is correct.
B. Jim is correct.
C. Both Sapana and Jim are correct.
D. Neither Sapana nor Jim is correct.
8. The earliest historical records we have show that beer was first brewed by the
A. Egyptians. C. monks in the Middle Ages.
B. Irish. D. Sumerians.
9. Which of the following is the fermenting agent that converts the wort into beer?
A. Yeast C. Water
B. Malt D. Hops
10. Dom Perignon is named after a/an
A. Spanish conquistador. C. German archbishop.
B. Benedictine monk. D. Italian nobleman.
11. When beer is made, the starch in the barley is
A. roasted, then mashed and fermented.
B. converted directly into alcohol.
C. converted to sugar, then fermented into alcohol.
D. hulled, then dried in the sun in barrels.
12. Kameela says that a good choice of wine to pair with cheese is a Zinfandel. Annette says
that a better choice to pair with cheese is Pinot Noir.Who is correct?
A. Kameela is correct. C. Both women are correct.
B. Annette is correct. D. Neither woman is correct.
13. A five-ounce glass of red wine has the same alcoholic content as
A. 24 ounces of beer.
B. 2.5 ounces of 80-proof distilled spirits.
C. 2.5 ounces of 80-proof distilled spirits in a cocktail.
D. 5 ounces of white wine.
14. Table wines have an alcoholic range of _______ percent.
A. 6 to 12 C. 10 to 20
B. 8.5 to 17 D. 11 to 13
15. Which of the following is an example of a clear spirit?
A. Rum C. Scotch
B. Kahlua D. Sake
16. Wine bottles are stored tilted downward so that
A. sediment can collect toward the bottom of the bottle.
B. the maximum number of bottles can be stored together.
C. the bottles will retain the ideal serving temperature.
D. the corks are in contact with the wine and won’t dry out.
17. Jameal and Kareem are discussing alcoholic beverages to accompany an event. Jameal
says ale is milder than beer. Kareem says ale is more bitter than beer.Who is correct?
A. Jameal is correct. C. Both men are correct.
B. Kareem is correct. D. Neither man is correct.
18. What is the optimal level of humidity for storing wine?
A. 10 percent C. 50 percent
B. 20 percent D. 70 percent
19. What’s the difference between brandy and whiskey?
A. Whiskey and brandy have different alcohol contents.
B. Whiskey is distilled; brandy isn’t.
C. Brandy comes from France; whiskey comes from Scotland.
D. Whiskey is distilled from grain; brandy is distilled from grapes.
20. Which of the following would help to sober a person after drinking several glasses of wine?
A. A steaming hot cup of coffee C. A large meal
B. A cold shower D. Time

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    Tada or nada or umme -- how are you going to learn if you mooch answers?

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    "mooch" means :

    "1. To obtain or try to obtain by begging; cadge. .
    2. To steal; filch."

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    every answer IS 100% correct, i just took the test.

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    yup there all right

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