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one serving(.5 cup) of cooked peas contains 45 more calories than one serving of cooked carrots and 50 more calories than one serving of green beans. If one serving og carrots and three servings of green beans contain the same number pf calories as one serving of peas, how many calories are there in one serving of peas?

  • math -

    let the calories in one serving of peas be x
    then the calories in a serving of carrots is x-45 and in one serving of beans is x-50

    one serving of carrots + 3 servings of beans = one serving of beans

    x-45 + 3(x-50) = x
    x-45 + 3x - 150 = x
    3x = 195
    x = 65

    there are 65 calories in a serving of peas

    peas = 65
    carrots = 20
    beans = 15

    is 20 + 3(15) = 65 ?? YES

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