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I need help with a draft of final presentation it's due Tuesday and I need help with my final project: medical storyboard presentation. I have to create 15 to 20 slides for my powerpoint. It's about an episode of a medical drama or documentary. I have to use 45 medical words it's due Sunday.

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    House M.D. is one of my favourite medical drama series, although the later seasons became more soap like.
    Here's a link that could help you get ideas of the plot. Hope your project is for Sunday 23rd August and not today.

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    How can I use grey's anatomy or hawthorne as my final project. How would I start off my project.

  • HCA 220 -

    Need help getting start on a presentation for final on the medical storyboard with 15-20 slides with 45 medical terms

  • HCA 220 -

    I need help putting together a medical drama storyboarding presesentation. I need examples of how to do this and it is set up.

    Thank You,
    Susan Hatfield

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