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my writing isn't very good

Is there a site with exercises so i can improve my writing skills. Like short stuff. I only have 3 weeks till the next term

and i don't know how to structure an essay is there a site with some info ?

thanks again, Jim

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    What a wise person you are, Jim! Find a weakness and then find a solution. Let's address your 2nd part of the post first. Sorry to do that but I stupidly did not save what I had done for the first part before I went to another screen. Here is a search and I'm sure English teachers will give you other sites, but this is ONE place to begin:

    (Broken Link Removed)

    Now I'm going to post this before I lose it and come back to address the first part of your post. Just go through the search and then visit any site that looks promising. When you are all finished with what you can DO, post specific things for our giving you more HELP.


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    P.S. or adressing your FIRST part of the post SECOND! Of course, you should start with this 2nd post because it is actually the first part!

    (Broken Link Removed)


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