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Math 117

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The random variable x is the number of houses sold by a realtor in a single month at the Sendsom's
Real Estate office. Its probability distribution is as follows. Find the expected number of houses
sold in a month.
Houses Sold (x) Probability P(x)
0 0.24
1 0.01
2 0.12
3 0.16
4 0.01
5 0.14
6 0.11
7 0.21

A) 3.50 B) 3.35 C) 3.40 D) 3.60

I'm not sure if the answer is A or C can someone please help me.

  • Math 117 -

    Can some one please help me with this one...

  • Math 117 -

    I have gotten the answer already I have worked out the problem and I came up with 3.60 I mult. across. then added the answers all together..

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