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What is the difference between utilitarianism and socialism?

A: Socialism emphasizes individual freedom, and utilitarianism condemns industrial capitalism.

B: Socialism states that government should regulate the means of production, and utilitarianism argues that there should be no government.

C: Utilitarianism emphasizes individual freedom and the greatest happiness for thegreatest number of people, and socialism condemns industrial capitalism.

D: Utilitarianism sees class struggle between employers and employees as unavoidable, and socialism states that large social groups maintain peace and justice.

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    i think the answer could either be B or C.. im not sure which one

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    Let us know what you think.

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    c. is probably the closest answer.

    Utilitarianism is an economic philosophy that espouses the measurement of economic activity in theoretical units, called 'utils,' that are based on the benefit experienced by individuals. The idea is that an economy is successful when it maximizes agregegate utility (greatest happiness for the greatest number aproximates that).

    b. socialism states that government should regulate the means of production, & utilitarianism argues that there should be no government.

    •Jeremy Bentham and Utilitarianism:, Utilitarian School; self-interest of individuals is to increase pleasure, and to avoid pain. In a liberal environment where there is no state intervention social order is likely to be established through individuals themselves seeking their self-interests...
    • he was father of liberalism. His philosophy was followed by James Mill and John Stuart Mill
    1.every objects has utility. That is every object can satisfy a want
    2.utility, as the attribute of an object, is subjective. It is what we like or do not like. There is quantifiable measure; intensity, duration and proximity of pleasure. For example, some a poem has a greater utility than hot dog
    3.the purpose of our lives is to increase pleasure and to avoid pain. This is felicific calculus that applies not just in economic life but any other aspects.
    •So, “ the greatest happiness for the greatest number” would result. More people would be happy than unhappy

    as you see im not sure its either b or c

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    I agree with you on your first choice - C. Be careful not to "over think" things!!

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    Poems acrostic to aristotle?

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