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Please show me how to put this in interval notation. Thanks!

I know I solved this right, I think, but need to put it in interval notatioin. Please tell me if i am correct. Thanks!

PleaseSolve: (x-3)/(x^2-25)<0 and write solution set in interval notation. This is what I get:

x<-5 or 3< x <5

And in interval notation?

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    In interval notation, we combine two disjoint intervals with the union operator, ∩. Therefore the answer in interval notation would be:
    (-∞, -5) ∩ (3,5)
    Parentheses are used (instead of square brackets) to indicate that the limits are excluded from the intervals. Some interval notations use square brackets facing towards the exterior (=exclude) instead of parentheses, i.e.
    ]-infin;, -5[ ∩ ]3,5[

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    ]-∞, -5[ ∩ ]3,5[

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    Sorry, the union operator is ∪
    so the correct intervals are:
    (-∞,-5) ∪ (3,5)
    ]-∞, -5[ ∪ ]3,5[

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