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I have an English 10 Summer Assignment about grammar and such.

One of the questions is: In the following sentence, which words are verbs? Melissa was worried about her job interview.
a. was, worried
b. worried
c. worried, about

I know that it's not c., and I don't think it's a., but I don't know if was is a verb or an adverb, so I don't know. Can someone explain the adverb/verb thing, or, if was isn't an adverb, what type of word it is?

Also, if you could help me with the answer, I'd be much obliged :)

  • English/Grammar -

    The verb is was worried.

    Common helping verbs are:

    is, are, was, were, am, been, have, had, has, would, could, should, must, may

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