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urgent help please...i need answers for this...

1.) a sprinter accelerates from rest to 10.0 m/s in 1.35 s. what is her acceleration in
a.) in m/s squared
b.) in km/h squared.

2.) a car slows down from a speed of 25.0 m/s to rest 5.00 s. how far did it travel in that time..?

3.) calculate the average speed and average velocity of a complete round-trip in which the outgoing 200 km is covered at
90 km/h,followed by a one-hour lunch break,and the return 200 km is covered at 50 km/h.

4.) a person jogs eight complete laps around a quarter-mile track in a total time of 12.5 min. calculate
a.) it's average speed and
b.) it's average velocity for the entire trip,using "away from the trainer" as the positive direction.

5.) you are driving home from school steadily at 65 mph for 130 miles. it then begins to rain and you slow to 55 mph. you arrive home after

driving 3 hours and 20 minutes.
a.) how far is your hometown from school..?
b.) what was your average speed..?

i'll wait thanks a lot..!!!

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