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In my computer i had virus i booted the C drive the has gone i have downloaded each and everything know my question is my speaker are not making any sound and volume control box is not opening there is written there are no active mixer available to install it go to control panel click printer and other hardware and then click add hardware now i have done all the steps but i am not understanding what to do would you help me in this?

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    For a PC, I would use the recovery disk and start all over again. The recovery disk will erase your entire hard drive and load and install all the original programs that came on the computer. Then you will need to reinstall any other programs and updates.

    For a Mac, I'd go to the nearest Apple store and ask them what to do.

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    In general, after a complete install, you need to install the drivers for your sound card and your printers. The printer driver is usually available on a CD with a setup macro. The sound card driver depends on your computer. If it is a lap-top, they are usually pre-installed with the recovery CD/DVD. If it is a desk-top, it usually comes with a driver installation CD. If you don't have it any more, all is not lost. Look up the user manual and find out the model of the sound-card and download on Internet the required driver.
    Yes, it is a pain to do a complete install. It is less trouble, but more expensive, to install anti-virus software once you get everything goin.

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