posted by bindiya farswani

pls help!!!!

Give any three specific weather descriptions from A Separate Peace and list the corresponding action in the plot.

  1. Ms. Sue

    This site has one weather description from this book.


    I'm sure you'll find other descriptions when you go back and reread the book.

  2. bindiya farswani

    one i found is this:
    "The sun was the blessing of the morning, the one celebrating element, an aesthete with no purpose except to shed radiance. Everything else was sharp and hard, but this Grecian sun evoked joy from every angularity and blurred with brightness the stiff face of the countryside. As I walked...the wind knifed at my face, but this sun caressed the back of my neck."

    is it right?

  3. Ms. Sue

    Yes. That's a weather description.

  4. bindiya farswani

    next could be this:?

    "The beach shed its deadness and became a spectral gray-white, then more white than gray, and finally it was totally white and stainless, as pure as the shores of Eden. Phineas, still asleep...made me think of Lazarus, brought back to life by the touch of God."

    and the third one could be this?

    "Winter's occupation seems to have conquered, overrun and destroyed everything, so that now there is no longer any resistance movement left in nature...and now winter itself, an old, corrupt, tired conqueror, loosens its grip on the desolation...sick of victory and enfeebled by the absence of challenge, it begins itself to withdraw from the ruined countryside."

    it's ok?

  5. Ms. Sue

    The first one -- about the beach -- is not a weather description.

    The other one about winter's occupation is definitely a weather description.

  6. bindiya farswani

    alritght. im finding another one...

  7. bindiya farswani

    how about this:

    "'the sun was blazing all around them...and the rays of the sun were shooting past them, millions of rays shooting past them like -- like golden machine-gun fire....The two of them looked as black as -- as black as death standing up there with this fire burning all around them....[then] they moved like an engine.'"

  8. bindiya farswani

    is the above one ok?

  9. Ms. Sue

    Yes. That's a good weather description.

  10. bindiya farswani


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