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GEN 200

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Develop a strategy for effective communication and collaboration among selected styles.

Identify at least three different personality types.
I need help finding the above ?s.
This question I have answered but I am not sure if it is write the way I wrote it down.
>> Identify at least three different learning styles. One of the learning types is auditory which is listening. Another one is visual which is seeing, reading, and visualizing. The last one is kinesthetic which is moving, touching, writing and doing.

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    Your first question isn't clear. What are the "selected styles?"

    This site describes 16 personality types.

    You're right about the learning styles.

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    i believe they mean about the learning styles.

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    The learning styles explain how various students learn. The question still isn't clear to me.

    But when I teach a class, I try to incorporate all three learning styles into the lesson. I tell the class, I show the class visuals, and I require them to write or do some other hands-on project to reinforce their learning.

    For example, when I taught 7th-grade world geography, students would
    * read the book
    * watch slides or videos about the topic
    * listen to me speak and class discussion
    * do a project, such as answering questions or locating features and places on a map
    * they also drew free hand maps of the regions or continents

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    three different personality types

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