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i just got this course today, i started on it, please check over my work:
1. Sociologist who believed that the economy influences the social structure.(Karl Marx)
2. Theoretical perspective that was influenced by the work of Max Weber.
3. Positive consequence an element has for the stablity of society. (function)
4. First sociologist to apply the systematic methods fo science to the study of society. (Auguste Comte?)
5. Interaction between people that takes place through the use of symbols. (symbolic interaction)
6. Empathetic understanding of the meanings that others attach to their actions. (verstehen)
7. Systematic explanation of the relationship among phenomena. (theory)
8. Sociologist influenced by Charles Darwin. (Herbert Spencer)
9. Sociologist who developed the concept of the ideal type. (Max Weber)
10. Negative consequence an element has for the stability of society. (dysfunction)

some might be too specific. these are the sociologist so far that i learned about: Auguste Comte. Karl Marx. Herbert Spencer. Emile Durkheim. Max Weber.

thanks and please help me on the second one if you can
thanks again, bye :)

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