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The use of excel Excel is a very necessary tool for all businesses in today's job market. Excel makes it easy to organize, calculate, analyze and chart data. It can be used for both simple and concrete projects. Excels spreadsheets are best used for managing finances, budgets, travel, and personnel, which covers most careers and aspects of the workforce.
Excel allows you to input data, analyze it, sort it according to your customized format, and display the results with color, shading, backgrounds, icons and other tools that offer time-saving assistance in later locating precisely the information desired.
"The single most important thing an employer may do is learn Excel - it is one of the most essential tools of the workplace."

What is something that can counter this? can you disagree with this position?

  1. Ms. Sue

    Check this article for problems with Excel.


  2. DrBob222

    I don't know that it is essential for an employer to learn Excel. The owner of a business may well hire someone who knows how to use Excel to provide him/her with the data for the business.

  3. MathMate

    Here is my point of view:

    Everything that was said is applicable to a small business, or a small department where the data is of limited size.

    When the enterprise grows in size, or where the customer base is extensive, Excel simply cannot handle the growth. It is not a scalable software like most other database applications. Even it's close cousin, Microsoft Access, has limitations when the size of data or complexity of the application grows beyond a certain level.

    At the national or international level, databases need to be distributed, i.e. information needs to be stored at different locations but accessible to every user. Excel will not even come close to these requirements.

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