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Just wondering- people should get their cats 'fixed' so they can't have kittens, but soon won't the cat population die down until there are barely any cats except for strays?

I hope this makes sense...I was just wondering


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    The point is to control the population so that only cat breeders can have kittens. There are too many abandoned pets in shelters; a cat owner who is unprepared to take care of kittens will only add to that.

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    It makes sense -- but I'm sure there are enough people who don't get their cats fixed -- or get them fixed after they've borne a litter or two -- to keep the cat population flourishing.

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    Alright, thanks for explaining guys...I was just worried because I have my own cat fixed!


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    You're welcome. And if you want another cat, you might adopt a stray. :-)

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    Ah, yes. Please adopt a rescue animal. I only adopt older rescue animals because otherwise they won't have a home. I absolutely trust the rescue group from which I get them. With so many foreclosures of homes and people out of work, consider fostering as well, if you can.


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