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Determine if the word in paranthesis an adverb or an adjective. write the chosen word next to each item.
The patient has (intermittently) been on (anti-inflammatory) drugs.
8. intermittently Adverb Adjective
9. anti-inflammatory Adverb Adjective

This (elderly) woman had a history of syncope (yesterday).
10. elderly Adverb Adjective
11. yesterday Adverb Adjective

This rash has been present for approximately (two) years.
12. two Adverb Adjective

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    Testicles were descended (bilaterally) and (only) (mildly) tender.
    13. bilaterally Adverb Adjective
    14. only Adverb Adjective
    15. mildly Adverb Adjective

    There is mild-to-moderate tenderness on (deep) palpation.
    16. deep Adverb Adjective

    3. NOUNS.
    Identify ALL nouns and pronouns in the following sentences.

    1. Pupils are equal, round, and reactive to light.

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    And your answers are?

    We'll be glad to check them.

  • grammar -

    bilaterally is an adjective
    only is also an adjective

    intermittently is an adjective
    anti-inflammatory is also an adjective

  • grammar -

    Most are incorrect. Please re-think these and re-post ... with your reasons.

  • grammar -

    Most words that end in -ly are adverbs.

    Bilaterally is an adverb modifying "were descended." It tells where about the verb.

    Only is also an adverb, modifying the adverb, "mildly." It tells how mildly.

    Mildly, an adverb, modifies the adjective, "tender."

    Itermittently is also an adverb modifying "has been."

    You're right that anti-inflammatory is an adjective.

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