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Creative Writing

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I have to chose either "At Navajo Monument Valley Tribal School" or "Earthmoving Malediction" . I am going to chose Earthmoving Malediction but i don't know were to started from their this is the direction.

Focus on setting for your analysis. Describe the setting's concrete images evoked by the poem and note their types as using vision, hearing, smell, touch, and/or taste.

Then, using only the visual images, analyze how the poem works in terms of setting as camera. Find which visual images are long shots, close-up shots, and so forth, as discussed in Imaginative Writing. Be certain to use details from the poem to illustrate your analysis.

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    Concrete images.

    bulldoze the bed where we made love,
    set the comforter on fire
    treasures of turd

    And there are many more in the poem.
    How do these visual images describe what is happening in the poem? Follow the directions above and you will be able to write an analysis. If you like repost what you have written for further suggestions.

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    Little more detail please because I have to setting as camera

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    How do YOU envision a camera's eye view of these settings?

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