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In Ode 2 to what does the Chorus compare Antigone?
a. a cresting wave
b. a soaring bird
c. a glowing ember
d. a closed flower


The Chorus in Ode 3 comments on the
a. power of love
b. duty of sons to their fathers
c. relationship of Haimon and Antigone
d. effect of Creon's inflexibility


In the last few lines of Ode 4, the Chorus place responsibility for Antigone's death on
a. Niobe
b. Creon
c. the family curse
d. Antigone herself


Which of the following events did not take place?
a. Teiresias blames Creon for causing his birds to behave strangely
b. After Creon fails to save Antigone, he buries Polyneices
c. In the Paen, the Chorus implores Dionysos to head Thebes
d. The messenger announces Haimon's suicide


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    Did you check the Sparknotes site that Writeacher gave you. You will find lots of help there.

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    Yes I did; please just let me know if they're correct.

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    I don't have the text you have -- the word "ode" is not used. You'll have to be more specific.

    The fourth one is incorrect.

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    Is it D?

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    I already answered this -- check the post below where you asked about this fourth question the first time.

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    Scroll about 2/3rds to 3/4ths of the way down to find an etext of this play. The chorus's parts are referred to in the following ways:

    Ant. 1
    Str. 2
    Ant. 2

    Please find what your text is calling odes and let me know what they're called in this version.

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    PS -- In the original Greek, those abbreviations are for Strophe and Antistrophe.

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    what does haimon do just before killing himself?
    a.he cries out to antigone
    b.argues with his father
    c.calls for a whitness
    d.attempts to kil his father

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    Is the forth question A or b?

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