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which of the following events is an example of situational irony in "R.M.S. Titanic"?
a. although the Californian is the ship closest to the Titanic, it doesn not come to the Ttanic's rescue
b. when the rew realizses the extent of the damage to the Titanic, they send out a call for help
c. many well-known passengers occupy the titanic's first-class passenger accommodations on its maiden voyage
d. when the crew spots the iceberg directly in front of the, they try hard to avoid it.

please, please, pleeease, help me on this
i have nooo idea. i have tried :)

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    Check this definition of situational irony, and then take a shot at the answer.


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    well, i would guess A or D... but D sounds like it could be the better answer

    just a guess, according to the link you gave

    now, can you tell me what you think?

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    Although I understand why you're leaning toward D, I believe the better answer is A. It was ironic that the Californian did not help the Titanic passengers -- in fact it's still a mystery that hasn't been completely solved.

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    ok, that sounds right too
    thanks for everything ms.sue

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    You're very welcome, y.

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