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Do anyone know anything about Replacement Poem help please

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    Is this the poem you mean?

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    No it is and assignment I have to do and I don't know anything about it Then, choose a poem from any source that has 10-20 lines. Be sure it is one you admire or enjoy. Next, replace each noun, verb, adjective, and adverb with a different word choice, but keep all parts of speech* the same as the original poem throughout your replacement poem. Replace each noun with a different noun, each verb with a different verb, each adjective with a different adjective, and each adverb with a different adverb. Other parts of speech (conjunctions, prepositions, and articles) may be left the same or changed as you would like.
    Punctuation, word order, line length, line sequences, and stanza breaks are not to be changed from how they appear in the original poem. Be sure your poem has concrete images that work well together, based on your word choices. Make interesting, careful word choices so that the replacement poem will continue to evoke images, although different ones from the original poem.

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    The first thing you need to do is choose a poem.

    If you need to brush up on these parts of speech, check out these sites.

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    Here are a couple that may interest you:

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    Can you give me example of replacement poem. The poem that I want to do is The hawk in the Rain by Ted hughes

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    That is a great you need to think of a "place" I immediately thought - We swim in the rippling waters...... but you could as easily... The march through the steamy streets....

    However, this poem is a story... so before you can "replace", think of the story you want to tell. Then it will not be hard to think of words.

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