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1. My left leg hurt.
2. My left leg ached.
3. My left leg was painful.
(Are they all the same? Which one is commonly used?)

4. Korean students show respect to older people.

5. Korean students respect older people.

6. Korean students look up to older people.

(Are the three the same? Do you have some other similar expressions?)

7. I was very upset at the news.
8. I was very embarrassed at the news.
9. I was very surprised at the news.
(Are they the same? What other expressions can we use instead of 'upset'?)

10. I am proud of the tradition.
11. I am proud of the custom.
(Are both the same?)

12. He kicked the beggar out of his

13. He sent the beggar out of his

14. He get the beggar out of his house.

15. He _______ the beggar out of his house.
(Are the three sentences correct? What other verbs can be inserted in the blank?)

  • English -

    1-3... all are correct and all are used.

    4-6 are all correct. We often say that children respect their elders.

    "upset" "embarrassed" and "surprised" all have very different meanings. The sentences are grammatically correct but do not mean the same thing at all.
    Check your dictionary for the differences in meanings.

    10-11 Both mean the same thing.

    12 and 13 are correct. You would want to use "got" instead of "get" in sentence 14. You can also say He evicted the beggar from his house.

  • English -

    The next time you are looking for a synonym or a word that means the same thing, you might like these dictionaries:




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