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Math (Reimy)

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Ok Reimy the question came with the ans x=3 then y=2.2, i made t he mistake and put it to two decimal places not realising tehy sequence is one, i will try to be more careful in the future.
How did you come up with 20.25 to divide by 20?

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    Keira, you really need to learn to spell Reiny's name correctly!!

  • Math (Reimy) -

    Please don't start a new posting for each reply, stay in the same thread.
    This saves me the time to go back and find the posting which deals with the above.
    I think our equation was y = 20/x^2 and you wanted y when x = 4.5

    what is (4.5)^2 ??
    then what is 20/(4.5)^2 ??

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