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Let f(x) = 6/x-1 and g(x) = 1+3/x. Please fing the composite function.

This is what i got so far.

=f (1+3/x)


= =f (1+3/x)
= 6/ [1+3/x - 1]

How do I get the composite?

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    The definition of a composite function:
    f º g (x) means f (g(x) ), which tells you to work out g(x) first, and then fill that answer into f. See
    (Broken Link Removed)

    In this case,
    f(x) = 6/x-1 and g(x) = 1+3/x
    f º g (x)

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    and the composite function would be?

    A.(fog)(x)= (2x)
    B.(fog)(x) =2/x

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    There is probably a mis-interpretation of the parentheses:
    f(x) = 6/(x-1) and g(x) = 1+3/x
    f º g (x)
    If this is the case, the answer is (A).

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    This is what I thought as well. Thanks!

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