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Managerial Economics

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I need help with these questions

1. The structure of the market in which JetBlue operates (i.e. how competitive is it--monopolistic, oligopolistic, competitive, monopolistically competitive)? If your company turns out to have several huge, unrelated divisions--say forestry and cosmetics--you may choose to focus on just one division and discuss just that market.

2. What is JetBluee position in this market? Who are its closest competitors? To what extent do your company's decisions about pricing and output affect other firms in the industry?

3. What is the outlook for this industry in general and for JetBlue in particular? Are future prospects for its product(s) good, or likely threatened by newer products and emerging technologies?

4. Is there anything else that might have an impact on JetBlue future long-term government contracts, scandals, possible mergers, improved technologies, potentially ruinous lawsuits? How might they affect the company?

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    1. JetBlue operates in a competitive market.

    2. Its closest competitors are AMR, Southwest Airlines and

    If you'd like the rest of these answers, please respond below.

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    Yes Please

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    UAL Corporation.


    JetBlue is a leader in low-cost airline travel and as such influences other airlines marketing to these customers.

    3. Because of the down economy, all airlines are experiencing lower revenues because people aren't traveling as much as they used to. Corporations have found other ways of conducting some of their businesses. However Value Line Investment Survey (June 5, 2009 issue) rates JetBlue as being in a better position than most other airlines to weather this recession fairly well. The VL analyst, Damon Churchwell, states, "JetBlue will curtail fleet expansion as it focus on lifting free cash flow."

    4. It's impossible to predict the future.
    What do you think?

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    #4 Yes I agree

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    Probably the biggest danger to JetBlue would be a disastrous plane crash and expensive law suits brought by the families of the victims.

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