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Given f(x) = root x-2 and g(x) = x-7 what is the domain of the quotient function f/g ?

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    do you mean f(x) = √(x-2) or f(x) = √x - 2 ?

    I will assume the first one

    so the quotient function is

    Two things will affect the domain
    1. x-2 ≥ 0 or x ≥ 2 to be able to take the square root.
    2. x - 7 cannot be zero, or x cannot be 7, or else we are dividing by zero

    so the domain is the set of all real numbers such that x ≥ 2 with x not equal to 7

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    The second one f(x) = ãx - 2 and
    g(x) = x-7

    which of the following is the domain of the quotient function ?

    b.(-infinity,7) U (7,infinity)
    c.[2,7) U (7, infinity)
    d.(2, infinity)

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    Good ? Breanna! I have been tryin to figure this one out for some time! I am going to guess and say D but lets see what everyone else says!

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