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Who is younger than Mr. Pitt?
Emily is younger than Mr. Pitt.

Who is the youngest of the three?
Emily is the youngest.

How tall is Emily?
She is 162 cm tall.

How heavy is she?
She is 44 kg.

How does she weigh?
She weighs 44 kg.

Who is the heaviest of the three?
Mr. Pitt is.

Who is the lightest of the three?
Emily is.

Who is the tallest?
Mr. Pitt.

Who is the shortest?
Bob is the shortest.

Who is younger, Emily or Bob?
Emily is.

Who is heavier, Bob or Pitt?
Pitt is.

I am 14 and Bob is 14, too. We are the same age. Bob and I are the same age.
Bob is as old as I am.

You should write down your age in the parentheses, and then write down your height in the first blank. After that write down your weight in the second blank. Then communicate with your friend as follows.

(Would you like to check the expressions above? Correct ther errors, please.)

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    How does she weigh? = How MUCH does she weigh?

    The only error there!


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