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1. Talk about the things which are missing in the following pictures.

2. What do you think you lack in?
3. Talk about the things you lack in.

4. Expressing whether a person is sure or not ( Is this phrase good?)

5. Peter should take care of his brother.

6. Peter should babysit his brother.
7. Peter should keep an eye on his brother.

(Are the three sentences the same? When we use 'babysit', 'his brother' should always be baby?)


  • English -

    1 -- fine.

    2 - 3 -- I'd delete "in" -- both are then fine.

    4 -- fine.

    5 - 7 -- Yes, the three sentences are basically saying the same thing. The term "babysit" is used whether the children being watched are babies or not. My grandkids are 16, 14, and 8, but I sometimes use the term: "I'm babysitting my grandkids today because both their parents are at work."

  • English -

    1 is okay as a command.

    2 and 3 should avoid ending in a preposition, which shows a relationship to an object. (The object is lacking.) "What do you think you lack?" However, 2 and 3 are not the same as 1, since they do not relate to the pictures but imply personal deficiencies.

    4 is a good phrase but not as a sentence.

    5-7 are fine. "Babysit" can be used when taking care of almost any young child. (I babysit my 5-year-old great granddaughter.)

    I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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