12th grade - English (World Mythology)

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The website is: zarathushtra . com /z/gatha/dji/forward . htm

What is Tagore’s main argument?

Find a sentence or two that make up Tagore’s thesis statement and cite it here.

What distinction does Tagore make between “blind obedience” and “the path of freedom?”

Tagore was an Indian poet writing about a Persian religion. In what ways did he see one culture as an analogy for the other?

If it's not possible to help answer all of those, can I please get some insight into what this reading was all about? I'm totally lost.

  • 12th grade - English (World Mythology) -

    After you've read the entire piece, you'll be able to decide: Is his thesis statement the first sentence in the first paragraph or the last sentence in the first paragraph? The thesis statement is stating the MAIN IDEA for the ENTIRE PAPER.

    Use Ctrl + F and enter each of the terms you're looking for ("blind obedience" and then "path of freedom" -- without the quotation marks). Read in those sections and see what conclusions you draw.

    Do you understand what "analogy" means?
    (Broken Link Removed)

    Let us know (re-post) what you decide about each of these questions, and someone here will be able to tell you if you're on the right track or not.

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