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A die is rolled once. What are the odds against rolling a prime number? 2

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    odds in favour of some event
    = prob(of that event/prob(not that event)

    primes form 1 to 6 are 2,3, and 5
    so prob of a prime = 3/6 = 1/2
    so prob of not a prime = 1-1/2 = 1/2

    so the odds in favour of a non-prime = (1/2) รท (1/2)
    = 1:1

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    first off, what are the prime numbers?

    a prime number is any number divisible by one and itself.

    1, 2, 3, 5, are all prime numbers.
    although 1 can be controversial. Some teachers consider 1 as a prime but some not. anyways assuming 1 is a prime. there is a total of 4 primes.

    a dice has six sides of six numbers total.

    so the probablility of rolling a prime number is:

    4/6 and if you simplify: 2/3

    but if you don't consider 1 as a prime:

    the answer would be: 3/6 and simplify: 1/2

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    Euler considered 2 to be the first prime, and who are we to argue against Euler.

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