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How did History evolve as a subject?

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    History became a subject through war. People who wanted to wage war would study how someone before them waged their war, and they would take from it whatever they could to win the war they were planning.

    It's evolved over the years to encompass more -- the why and how of things, and individuals, but basically, it still revolves around war. A timeline of US history usually starts with Colombus, Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War, WW I, Depression, WW II, Cold War, Korean War, Vietnam War, Gulf War.

    It makes you wonder. If there were no wars, would anyone care anout history?

    You may want to get another opinion on these next two, but I think --

    Social studies is the study of people and communities during specific time periods -- how they live, what they do, why they do it.

    Social Science is learning how to form communities and make them work (I'm iffy on this one.)

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    That's an interesting point of view -- but it seems to have been copied from a Yahoo answer.

    Although Herodotus (5th century B.C) was considered the Father of History, I'm sure he just the first recorded historian. People had been telling stories about the past since they'd been able to talk. We're naturally curious about times gone by and began studying history in ancient times. Of course, for most of that time, most people learned history by listening to historians and story tellers. Only recently, since literacy became more prevalent have most people learned history from books.

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    I have just thought it was the right answer

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    It's a good answer, but since you didn't cite your source, you plagiarized. Any time you use the words of another person, you must give him/her credit.

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    I am sorry I will start

    I would not want to take credit all the credit go to this person
    Can you tell me how to paste that when I try it comes up with an error

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    Only a few of us can post websites. You could have said that it came from a Yahoo answer site and that the source was Alan Guttm.

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    Correction: The source apparently was "Just Wondering."

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