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for the question: how did the catholic church respond to the Protestant Reformation. I got: The Catholic Church responded to the Protestant Reformation by I don't know if this is right but this is what it says under the heading THE CATHOLIC CHURCH RESPONDS, The pope of that church offically excommunicated Luther and put him on trial in the City of worms. Is that how they responded.


    That was part of the Catholic Church's response.

    It also began its own reforms. Look in your book for the Counter Reformation.


    The Catholic Church responded to the Protestant Reformation by striking back at them with reform, propaganda and most frightening the Inquistion.


    Great! You're right!


    It's 11:30 here -- so I'm signing off now. Good night, Elina.


    So the information I posted right now is the only info I need. I do not need the info I posted before?


    good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs fight. If you are signing off right now then I will also get off of this site, because I only like getting your help and no one elses. what time will you sign up tommorow?


    u r the only bes teacher on this site Ms Sue. I enjow working with u


    i mean best


    you are the only one which helps me on this site, no other teacher does, that's why I apreciate you soooo much, u r the best, #1 and I am just really speechless. thank u Ms Sue, thank u so much.


    You're very welcome, Elina.

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