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Excel spreadsheet

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I went to File/Print Area and selected Clear Print Area. Then I went to File/Print Preview and the far left column of itemized numbers 1-619 do not show up.

How can I get the far left column of itemized numbers to be printed in my document?

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    OK, you're referring to the column of numbers down the left side that are automatically in every Excel spreadsheet -- the numbers of the rows. Those never print.

    You'll need to add a row to the very left side:

    1. Put your cursor in any cell in column A.

    2. Go to Insert and click on Columns. A blank column should show up now as A and what was column A should now be B, etc.

    3. In the new cell at the top left (A1), type the number 1 and press Enter.

    4. In cell A2, type this formula --> =a1+1 and then press Enter. A 2 should appear in that cell.

    4. Put your cursor back into A2 (where the new "2" is) and then hold the cursor over the darkened bottom right corner of the cell. The cursor should become a plus sign (+).

    5. While the cursor is + hold down the left mouse key and drag it down until you reach row number 619.

    6. When you let up on the mouse button, all the numbers in that column should be the numbers you want.

    7. Now go to Print Preview to make sure it looks the way you want.

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    How Cool!! It works! You are a lifesaver.
    Thanks. M.A.

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    You're very welcome!


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