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math-grade 10

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a concrete border is to be built around a traingular flower garden that has sides of 10m , 7m and 8m. the border is to be staight walking path 1m wide on all sides of the garden. before the concrete can be poured, wooden forms need to be placed on the inside perimeter and on the outside perimeter of the border. determine the totallength of wood needed to build the forms.

ps- i understand other people already answered this question but i havent learned that yet, what i need to use is like the cosine law and sine law and stuff, is there anyway to do it like that, if not can u please explain in detail how to do it( EXTREMELY IMPORTANT PLZ AND TY)

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    I used both the sine law and the cosine law in the solution that I provided for you in your earlier post of this same question.

    I thought the steps that I showed you were about as detailed as I could in this format.

  • math-grade 10 -

    btw, here is the previous post

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