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the outline achievement of Pope leo x I got: Lorenzo de Medici's son who published a bull disapproving of many of Luther's teachings & threatning the monk with excommunication or removal from church. This pope officially excommunicated Luther & put him on trial in city of worms.

Again Ifu can then please do shorten it out, and If u think I have added some nonimportant things in it then please do remove them. If u alaso think I have miised a really important part which I haven't added in it then please do add it

please and thankk u


    You certainly don't want to make it any shorter.

    Please be sure you proofread it carefully before you repost it or turn it in.


    So do u think this is good. or not?


    You've given the most important information about Pope Leo. It's good, but you can make it better by following these suggestions.

    You should start with his name, Pope Leo X.

    Tell what a "bull" is.

    Worms should be capitalized.


    A bull is an offical order from the pope with his lead seal called the "bulla" attached.

    Is this all I need?



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