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I need to know what the different Taxes are, what % of people have to pay serten taxes and about civil rights. if you know a website that can help i would be very grateful. i tryed google but all i get are tax formes.

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    The U.S. government imposes income taxes on nearly everyone, including businesses, who has an income. In addition, it also assesses a tax on gasoline that we use in our vehicles.

    The other taxes we pay, such as property and sales taxes, are state and city assessments.

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    I forgot that we also pay the federal government Social Security taxes.

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    I know about those i also need to know about unimlpument tax, socal securty and real estate tax.
    I also need to know were the cival rights come from. if you know a web sight i could look thease up that would help . curently im on wicapieda

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    oops i ment unemployment i spelled it wrong

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    Real estate taxes are assessed by local governing bodies, not the federal government.

    Check these sites:

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    Wikipedia is a good place to start on just about any subject you're researching. Treat the articles you find like encyclopedia entries, though -- they give you the gist of what you're looking for, but they also give you excellent places to look for specific information -- be sure to check out all the external links and further references at the bottom of each Wikipedia page.

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    thank you for all the help

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    And remember that not all taxes have the word "tax" in their names!! Sometimes they're called fees, assessments, duties, tariffs, tolls, and many others.

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