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Okay, I'm working with ultiplying Polynomials, and I just can't figure this one out! Here it is:

(h+k)(h squared-2hk+3k squared)

haha, I don't know how to make an exponent on the computer :-), but anyway, please help me figure it out!

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    powers are usually written this way...
    (h+k)(h^2 - 2hk + 3k^2)

    which becomes
    h^3 -2h^2k + 3hk^2 + kh^2 - 2hk^2 + 3k^3
    = h^3 - h^2k + hk^2 + 3k^3

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    oh, I tried to solve it and got 3hk^2+h^3 I'm guessing that's wrong?

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    I solved it like this: h^3-2hk^2+3hk^2+1hk^2-2hk^2+3hk^2=3hk^2+h^3

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    for the terms inside
    -2h^2k + h^2k = -h^2k
    3hk^2 - 2hk^2 = hk^2

    look at my expansion and compare it to yours,
    a term in hk^2 is not the same as a h^2k term.

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